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Area Development and Policy 第二期上线

 学术期刊 Area Development and Policy 第二期全部内容现已上线!



1. Brazil: accelerated metropolization and urban crisis by Clélio Campolina Diniz & Danilo Jorge Vieira


Migration and rapid demographic growth in large metropolitan areas in Brazil are associated with high levels of territorial and social inequality. Four indicators of an associated urban crisis are examined: inequality in housing conditions, per capita income and years of schooling; a poor (or lack of a) public transport system, urban congestion and traffic accidents; high levels of violence and murder and the rapid diffusion of diseases linked to the lack of sanitary facilities. Territorial guidelines for a more balanced polycentric urban network and an active urban policy are required to address these issues but face a lack of political will.



2. Repositioning Yunnan: security and China’s geoeconomic engagement with Myanmar by Xiaobo Su


China’s geoeconomic engagement with Myanmar derives from three Myanmar-related security concerns (social security along the Yunnan–Myanmar border, economic security for the global expansion of Chinese capital and energy security). To facilitate this engagement, Yunnan is repositioned as a strategic bridgehead. To understand this geoeconomic engagement, this paper examines two specific transnational projects: Yunnan’s agricultural investment in northern Myanmar; and the Sino-Myanmar oil and gas pipelines. The construction of Yunnan as a bridgehead shows that the Chinese state incorporates economic rationale into geopolitical concern with Myanmar. Through Yunnan’s geoeconomic repositioning, the Chinese state hopes to build a China-oriented transnational network of production and consumption which includes Yunnan and neighbouring countries.




3. South–south mobility: economic and health vulnerabilities of Bangladeshi and Nepalese migrants to India by Lopamudra Ray Saraswati, Avina Sarna, Ubaidur Rob, Mahesh Puri, Roopal Jyoti Singh, Vartika Sharma & Amitabh Kundu


This paper reports the results of a three-country study of the social, economic and health vulnerabilities of migrants from Bangladesh and Nepal living in India and of returnees. Overall, migration was found to be economically beneficial for those who succeed in the host labour market. However, it is associated with significant psychosocial and health vulnerabilities for most migrants in both communities. Further, migrants returning to their home countries with expectations of a better life continue to be in debt and experience poor health, indicating that migration may not always alleviate economic distress and highlighting the need for financial guidance.




4. The BRICS' impacts on local economic development in the Global South: the cases of a tourism town and two mining provinces in Zambia by Peter Kragelund & Pádraig Carmody


Research on how emerging economies affect other areas of the Global South has flourished in the past decade, and it is now well established that this impact occurs through a variety of channels, but knowledge of local developmental effects is scant. This article seeks to open up this black box by scrutinizing the effects of investments by the BRICS in a tourism town and two mining areas in Zambia. Recently, investments by the BRICS have been heralded as a key driver of structural transformation in the rest of the Global South; however, the lack of linkages and spillovers from BRICS actors to the local economy, in the Zambian case at least, leads instead to continued technological and economic dependence and consequent economic narrowing.



5. Multifamily housing construction in Russia: supply elasticity and competition by Tatyana D. Polidi


Housing unaffordability and unavailability are major socio-economic problems in modern Russia, and result from market failure to provide a sufficient volume of new housing at reasonable prices. About 29% of new newly constructed housing units are self-build single-family houses produced outside the market. Professional builders are specialized mainly in constructing multifamily houses, generally in urban areas. This study analyses the efficiency of this market segment of housing construction, and shows that: (1) it is characterized by low price elasticity; (2) the responsiveness of new housing supply to demand changes is weak due to various supply restrictions and the imperfectly competitive behaviour of building companies and (3) self-built housing construction helps limit the market power of builders, which is stronger in more developed (and more profitable) regional markets and weaker in less developed ones.


俄罗斯居民楼建设:供给弹性与竞争. 令人负担不起的房价和可居住住房的缺少是当代俄罗斯主要的社会经济问题,也是市场无法提供足够价格合理的新住房的结果。29%的新建住宅为市场外的自建独户住宅。专业建筑公司主要专门从事建造城市地区的居民楼。本研究分析了房屋建筑业居民楼这一部分市场的有效性,指出:(1)房屋建筑业的这部分市场以低价格弹性为特征;(2)由于各种供给限制和建筑公司的不完全竞争行为,导致新建住房供给对需求变化的响应能力较弱;(3)自建住房建设有助于限制建筑公司控制市场的能力,他们控制市场的能力在较发达(和能产生更多利润)的区域较强,而在欠发达地区较弱。

6. Social inequality, city shrinkage and city growth in Khuzestan Province, Iran by Ahmad Pourahmad, Amir Reza Khavarian-Garmsir & Hossein Hataminejad


The phenomenon of urban shrinkage is found in developing as well as in developed countries but the patterns differ. In developing countries, socio-economic inequality can explain population mobility between cities. A comparative study of shrinking and growing cities in Khuzestan Province in Iran showed that social conditions in the former were significantly worse than in the latter and that these conditions played an important role in the decisions of residents to leave. The impacts of the Iran-Iraq war, post-war reconstruction and the attractiveness of some cities such as Ahvaz (the provincial capital), Tehran, Esfahan, and Shiraz played a part.




关于 Area Development and Policy (ADP)


Area Development and Policy (《地区发展与政策》)是由中国科学院地理科学与资源研究所与国际区域研究协会(Regional Studies Association, RSA)联合创办,并由Taylor & Francis 出版社出版发行的学术期刊。期刊首期内容于2016年4月上线。该刊为讨论新兴经济体最重要的发展问题提供了一个国际论坛。ADP专注于与金砖国家和新兴经济体有关的原创学术文章,主要内容旨在研究这些国家和它们之间的关系,以及它们和世界上的其他国家的关系。期刊中的研究来自于这些国家和发达国家。ADP的宗旨为:1)发表区域发展和政策方面学术的、严谨的、原创的研究文章;2)对这些国家的价值观、体制和发展经验进行理论发展和解读;3)增加国家与国家之间的相互了解和认识,在相互尊重彼此差异的基础上扩大共同之处。 ADP将是一个国际级的期刊,其发表的文章内容主要涵盖不同经济和政治主体之间多标量和地理差异化的关系,具体包括这些主体生活方式、工作方式、背景的差异,并研究这些差异如何塑造区域、城市、农村地区和它们互相之间的关系。ADP认为应该对国家和区域的制度作用以及价值观进行研究,理论应该来自于这些国家和地区的经验,并非必须要来自于西欧和北美。


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